Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Best Way To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Planting marijuana outdoors is really a trying task and in particular if you prefer growing a high quality product. Cultivating cannabis outdoors is different from growing indoors and you need to take extra effort to get a more desirable crop.

To begin, selecting the perfect location to grow is the most important detail. The recommended time to find the right site is during the summertime because the sun moves in the sky as spring turns to summer and then fall. The most important criteria while considering a site are good land along with lots of sunshine. Cannabis needs rich, fertile soil and needs a minimum of 5 to 8 hours of sunshine each day. If you would like to grow an outstanding plant, you have to make sure that your growing place is receiving sufficient sunshine.

Once you have selected your location to grow your plants, you must clear up the site to ready the ground and after that, mix the soil and supplements according to directions on the package. You should have healthy seedlings or cuttings in order to transfer them into your garden whenever spring arrives. It is suggested to plant the seeds about one half inch deep. Always remember that water is necessary to grow premium quality marijuana plants, therefore they must have a good amount of water throughout their growing season.

Recognize any undesirable insects. Anytime a problem occurs in a cannabis garden, the insect population can rise rapidly. As soon as the pest is recognized, many solutions are readily available, depending upon the type of pest.

The period to harvest your plants depends on a few factors like bud growth, climate, and fungus. Once the plant is harvested it is time to dry it. The most reliable method to completely dry it is by placing it upside down in a location where there is good air supply as well as ventilation. The entire drying procedure usually takes 1 to 2 weeks depending upon volume and the moisture of the area.