Advantages of Medical Cannabis

Medical Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

Medical marijuana is legal in a few states and can provide health benefits for individuals with a wide variety of medical problems. Most often, marijuana/cannabis is suggested for the reduction of severe pain. It can also increase appetite in chemotherapy patients who deal with nausea. Cannabis is an alternative medicine that may help ease the symptoms of various medical problems.

Long term pain, particularly back or neck pain may be minimized with medical cannabis. Opioid drugs are one choice, but they are extremely addicting. The alternative is medical marijuana, which does not pose the danger of addiction that typical painkillers do. Likewise, anti-inflammatory drugs also pose problems with continued usage. Cannabis gets the job done pretty much instantaneously when smoked. The pain relieving properties may be sensed within minutes.

Gastritis is another problem that can be managed with medical cannabis. Marijuana is able to control pain, increase appetite, and muscles, particularly in the stomach region. For those reasons, cannabis can be used to lower the painful symptoms of gastritis. During a gastritis flare up, a person may combat the assault by smoking medical marijuana. An added advantage is the fast acting quality of marijuana.

HIV/AIDS patients are also routinely prescribed cannabis where it is legal. The symptoms associated with HIV and AIDS, coupled with the prescribed drugs, can result in pain and loss of appetite. Studies show that cannabis can help AIDS patients to restore their appetites, restore lost body weight, and to improve their total outlook on life. Marijuana has also shown to be beneficial in alleviating depression that is associated with HIV/AIDS.

By applying the clinical perspective on these issues and many others, it is possible to see the advantages of marijuana use as a medical treatment. It is also obvious that medical cannabis has a wide array of medical uses as well as benefits.